How to Build a Loyal Workforce by Anita Starks

Employee loyalty should be at the top of the list for every employer, and be integrated into your business strategy. It’s that important!

Simplify – Those leaders who gain loyalty do it by removing barriers for everyone else. Their primary job is to continuously make everyone else’s job easier. If your employee sees you trying to help make their job easier, they will be much more loyal.

Lines of Communication – Often, as business leaders, we tend to focus all our attention on the consumers and our bottom line. But what we must realize is that when we turn some of that attention and focus to our employee’s loyalty, it will automatically help us reach those other goals. Employees who are loyal will provide better customer service and will be more apt to helping your business grow.

Evaluate – The first thing you need to do is recognize that some people are naturally loyal, while others are not. You may need to replace those people who are not loyal and Re-place them with people who have a history of being loyal in their prior positions. If they were loyal in the past, they will most likely be loyal in the future. Being loyal is a work ethic that people either have or they don’t. It’s not really something you can teach or train.


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