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How to Build a Loyal Workforce by Anita Starks Part 2

Continuing this months topic of how to build a loyal workforce, I want to talk about initiating loyalty first to employees and producing action from your plans. Reciprocate – The biggest secret is to give loyalty first. If you want employees to go above and beyond for you, you must go above and beyond for them. The best leaders get this. They fight for the team, and in return, the team fights for them. This doesn’t mean that you must give them more financially. There are many non-financial rewards you can give that will help build loyalty, such as giving respect and praise, having an employee of the month being flexible when they need time off, and listening to their suggestions and feedback .   Putting Your Plan into Action – To put this plan into action, take some time to focus on your employee loyalty. Work at building a loyal team and doing what it takes to make that happen. It may take you coming to terms with the fact that you need to replace a few people, or

How to Build a Loyal Workforce by Anita Starks

Employee loyalty should be at the top of the list for every employer, and be integrated into your business strategy. It’s that important! Simplify – Those leaders who gain loyalty do it by removing barriers for everyone else. Their primary job is to continuously make everyone else’s job easier. If your employee sees you trying to help make their job easier, they will be much more loyal. Lines of Communication – Often, as business leaders, we tend to focus all our attention on the consumers and our bottom line. But what we must realize is that when we turn some of that attention and focus to our employee’s loyalty, it will automatically help us reach those other goals. Employees who are loyal will provide better customer service and will be more apt to helping your business grow. Evaluate – The first thing you need to do is recognize that some people are naturally loyal, while others are not. You may need to replace those people who are not loyal and Re-place th

Memorial Day: We remember, We are thankful

Carrying out the pursuit of our hopes and dreams is a privilege. Here at "Get2ten" we realize things take hard work and sacrifice to make great. This weekend we want all of our friends and associates to take this holiday as an opportunity to give thanks to those who currently serve, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this beautiful country. Life can get busy but we can't take for granted the most important parts of our tenacious countries foundation, our military family.

Motivate to liberate

We often find ourselves in positions where others are calling on us for help in a busy time for ourselves. In a work related environment it is important to think as a team when it comes to progressing in work. It may seem like your work is accomplished when your done with your part, but if your team as a whole doesn't cross the finish line, neither do you. Even when it seems your a small part of a business and your help looks pointless. You can make a positive imprint on co-workers that can benefit you and your team. We all have goals and dreams we want to accomplish. Turning them into reality takes a team. Liberate your team members, motivate yourself, and strive to do your best each day.

If you are what you eat, then you are who you keep

It takes a lot to stop doing something you have grown accustomed to doing every day. Bad habits can cause your life to go zero from hundred real quick. What keeps us from breaking free is not always ourselves, but who we are surrounded by. You have just as much potential as who you see as a heroic figure. What separates you from that desired state of being is choices made in everyday decisions. We do not sometimes see ourselves being influenced by others. It’s an instilled desire to want to be like our piers. This isn’t always a bad thing, but when they are creating setbacks in your life a change needs to happen. So how can you try to make more independent thought-out decisions? Step away from others opinions and think about what’s the best route for your success. Here at “Get2ten” we will never direct you to a job that won’t benefit your career. We want you to succeed, not go from job to job chasing checks. You’re worth every ounce of endurance that it takes for you to be the pers

Facing the image in the mirror

Settling for what life gives you can be a motto for those who feel they are at the bottom of society. The truth is everyone has bumps in the road. We have injury due to accidents or emotional troubles because of an impacting event. The problems we face hang over our lives until solved. The image of your errors when you look into the mirror is not the truth of who you are. That mistake may have saved you from a far worse one, that loss may have allowed you to appreciate the one life you have, and that unique trait you have can be your biggest blessing. Nothing is done in one day, but "getting 2ten" will happen if you put in the effort.   Don’t hesitate or be ashamed to take a helping hand.   Disability program at "Get2ten" is here to help. (210)-928-3900

Introduction: If you're willing to try we're fighting to help

Looking for work can be a hard on your own. A lot of the times we have set backs that we need a little help to overcome. Get2ten consulting is that helping hand reaching out to get you to your goals in life. We don't place you in just any open position when seeking employment opportunities within our partners. We want you to succeed so we offer the tools like counseling and in depth work training to make sure you are ready for success. We are a growing business that is empowering our community towards a prosperous economy. Keep up with our blog and media pages for encouragement and opportunities.